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Kings of Convenience - 24-25

She’ll be gone soon, you can have me for yourself.

Kind of morning.


Kings of Convenience - Renegade

When thoughts have outnumbered spoken words,
in the early hours we failed to establish who was hurt most.

My favorite bedtime song.

Hey baby, Mrs. Cold.
Acting so tough, didn’t know you had it in you so be hurt at all.

Okay, I get it. Okay, I see.
You were frontin’ because you knew you’d find yourself vulnerable around me.

Just a normal day at the beach until Kings of Convenience starts to perform…

How come no-one told me
All throughout history
The loneliest people
Were the ones who always spoke the truth
The ones who made a difference
By withstanding the indifference
I guess it’s up to me now
Should I take that risk or just smile?

What do you know
It happened again

Kings Of Convenience - Misread